The Rise in Accidental Cannabis Consumption

October 17, 2018 went down in history for Canadians. It was the day that cannabis became legal! While stoners across the country probably shrugged their shoulders while taking another hit from the bong, all the underground recreational users (like us) let out a sigh of relief. Nobody wants to be committing illegal acts just to take the edge off, right? 

In fact, Business Insider Reported that since 2012, 15 states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis as well as 26 other states that legalized medical marijuana. That means that all of Canada, and a big chunk of the U.S. have legal access to cannabis, whether recreationally or medically. Speaking of our fellow Americans, word on the street is that Biden is keen on the federal legalization of the cannabis, so who knows just how big this industry is going to get. 
With the significant increase in parents consuming cannabis across North America, headlines have been popping up reporting the rise in accidental consumption amongst children, and even pets. Since cannabis-infused foods (aka edibles) come in the form of treats such as chocolates, gummies and candies, it’s really hard to tell what’s laced and what’s not—especially to children.
Headlines - Accidental Cannabis Consumption
Since legalization, we’ve seen ongoing government campaigns urging citizens to responsibly store their cannabis. The last thing you want is your child, pet, or even your grandmother indulging in some THC-infused chocolates hidden in the back of your cupboard.
As harmless as cannabis may be to adults who simply want to indulge in some late night giggles or zzz’s, it can be detrimental to children, pets, and unintended users.
Note: Always consult with your physician before using Cannabis. 

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