Ally is a forward-thinking company with a focus on responsible consumption. The company's inaugural product is a multi-purpose, safe, and stylish personal storage container to securely keep goods away from unintended users.

It was created as a solution for parents who need a safe storage space for their indulgences. As moms and co-founders, Lisa and Dalia wanted people to have a way to consume responsibly in their own homes, without sacrificing convenience or aesthetic.
With recent waves of cannabis legalization, there has been a sharp rise in accidental consumption of cannabis-infused foods. The most popular forms of cannabis edibles are candies, cookies and gummies—all foods that are highly enticing to children. Ally allows you to bring these treats into your home, without worrying about any mix-ups.

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis user or simply need a safe place for your prescription medications, now you have a solution.