9 Cannabis Brands For Women By Women

High 👋 Lisa and Dalia here. You may recognize us from...just kidding. We know you know who we are by now, right!? Well, if you do, you would know that we are a couple of moms and design enthusiasts who took a leap into creating products that solve modern-day problems. We put style and safety first - Whether you're a mom or just a badass b*, we know you appreciate that.

For Mother's Day, we rounded up some of our favorite brands founded by other women! Let's show them some love:


Juna CBD

Juna CBD

Explore all the benefits of CBD — from beauty to wellness to chocolates and tinctures formulated by Jewel Zimmer, an ex-pasty chef (Yum!) and Taylor Lamb. Their backround in the kitchen helped Juna stand out from the other CBD and THC products on the market and we are all here for it! 


Laundry Day

Laundry Day Cannabis

These might be the most artistic smoking accessories you have ever seen. What we love about them is how they are designed to fit seamlessly into your home decor. Founder Victoria Ashley noticed a gap in the market and ran with it. Kudos to you, girl!  


Broccoli Magazine

Broccoli Magazine

Not the vegetable, a magazine! A women-forward & high-end cannabis lifestyle magazine to be exact. Anja Charbonneau created Broccoli Mag as a beacon for cannabis-positive women in a market traditonally flooded with men. It's playful, informed, eclectic and it encourages the discovery of cannabis through explorations of art, culture, and fashion. How cool?


Happy Dance

Happy Dance CBD

Founded by Kristen Bell. She is the mama behind Hello Bello and one fot he most hilarious actresses of our time; never forget Sarah Marshall! Happy Dance has everything beauty and wellness from body butters to bath bombs with the most feel-good packaging. We can't help ourselves but say that htese bright fun shapes would tempt any kiddo, so please be sure to always store your CBD products in a safe spot! 


Ouid Blends

Ouid Blends

Ouid is an all-natural and organic herbal blend that you mix into your joints! Created by two women in Toronto who wanted to solve a very simple problem - getting too high. With Ouid, you can control your dosing and smoke as much as you want without the bad trip! Plus - their packaging is gorgeous. 


Van Der Pop

Founded by April Price and now a subsidiary of Tokyo Smoke, Van Der Pop is a fellow Canadian and female-focused cannabis brand with a focus on education, empowerment and community building. They design some of the most chic accessories we've ever seen! 


Verde Vie

Verde Vie Cannabis

Another fellow Canadian brand! Their focus is as much on creating well-designed products for a new generation of female consumers as it is about working to break down the stigma around cannabis. The founder, Olivia Levy, is a medical cannabis consumer with a law background. She started the brand after becoming frustrated with hiding something that had dramatically improved her quality of life. 


Sackville & Co

Sackville & Co

Fierce founders Hayley Dineed and Lana Van Brunt bonded over their shared frustration of not being able to find design-forward products that catered to women. Cue Sackville & Co: a cannabis brand that is re-defining the consumption experience for the modern female consumer. 



Eve Cannabis

Founded by Melinda Rombouts, Eve is one of Canada's leading cannabis cultivators. They also make it a point to create a new kind of corporate cannabis culture run by women. Fun fact: Eve's medical brand, Natural Med Co., was the first lisenced producer in Canada founded by a woman! 


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