Debunking Medicine Cabinet Myths

My “medicine cabinet” is the best spot for all my pills and medications.

FALSE! Your bathroom has the highest amount of humidity in your home, and also tends to be warmer than other rooms in your home. Medications should be stored in cool, dry and dark environments, away from any light  and humidity. A bedroom cabinet or dark kitchen pantry are both ideal places to store any medications.

I can store my natural supplements with my other medications.

FALSE! Most natural supplements and probiotics should be stored in the fridge, as they contain active ingredients. Also, natural supplements should be kept away from children, as they can be very harmful in large doses.

You can transfer your medications and supplements into cute containers.

FALSE! Never remove medications or supplements from their original packaging. It’s important to keep any medications with their original labels, showing ingredients, dosage, doctor/pharmacist contact information, and expiration date. You should, however, keep all your medication and supplement bottles in one container that is not accessible to children and/or pets.

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