Meet The Moms Behind Ally

Started by Toronto entrepreneurs (and moms) Lisa Weir and Dalia Shankman, Ally is a new product design company with a mission to create beautiful, thoughtful and practical products that solve real problems and that allow people to enjoy life responsibly. 

After working together on various projects throughout their respective careers, Lisa and Dalia teamed up to bring their vision for Ally to life. Both as parents to young children, they discovered the common need among parents for safer solutions to keep off-limit products away from unintended users. 

With that initial idea, the concept of Ally's lockable box was born. The product itself went through many iterations in order to land on something stylish, timeless and versatile. In 2019, Lisa and Dalia travelled to visit their factory in Asia (right before the pandemic!), to ensure the highest standards of ethics and quality around manufacturing.

With a shared appreciation for design, Lisa and Dalia are committed to solve more of the pain points of daily life - all while keeping their company completely female owned and operated.

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