How One Mom Uses Her Ally

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had prescription medication beside my bed (for that first trimester nausea!), as well as supplements and vitamins that can be harmful to children. I kept all those medications securely locked in my Ally on my bedside table- and often put any jewellery on top that I was removing before sleep. With my toddler often in and around our bed, I never worried about her accidentally getting into any of those medications.

After legalization, I started experimenting with CBD oils to drop into my tea. Now, with two young children at home (and nowhere to go during the pandemic!), there is no such thing as personal space. My toddler has found creative ways of climbing onto counter-tops and getting into every cabinet. All of my CBD products are now locked away in my Ally, in a cabinet above my fridge. My code is very basic (easy to remember!), since my children are not at the ages where they are guessing codes; it just needs to be locked. 

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