How One Young Couple Uses Their Ally Boxes

As a designer, my creative brain is always on, and I often have a hard time winding down at night to catch up on my zzz’s. Cannabis helps me relax, contributes to deeper sleep, and allows me to really dial into my “self-care”. I also tend to prefer micro-dosing cannabis products over drinking alcohol, because…no calories, no hangover!

Since my husband and I both consume various forms of cannabis, we often worried about people in our home getting into these goods accidentally. Whether a grandparent, a pet, or a house guest, we always had to make sure our cannabis items were responsibly stored. 

Now, my husband uses his Ally to store all his dried flower, along with all his accessories. He loves to use the tray as a rolling surface. As for me, you can find me relaxing in my bedroom in the evening, with my Ally on my bedside table, CBD pen in one hand… and scrolling in the other!

*Note: This is what works for me. Always consult with your physician about using any forms of cannabis.

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