Too Pretty To Toss

There comes a moment in every product design journey when one must strike a balance between the unboxing experience and being as environmentally friendly as possible. That was our mission: to create packaging that people would want to keep and reuse. Every Ally comes in a premium recyclable box which can be repurposed in many creative ways. Here are some ideas:

~ A time capsule to store your favorite memories 

~ A home for all those charging cables and cords

~ Safekeeping for all your receipts (tax season will thank you)

~ A catch-all for life’s random gizmos and gadgets (batteries, coins, nails & screws, Alan keys, sewing kit, etc.)

~ A handy tool box (measuring tape, screwdrivers, exacto knives)

~ An office organizer (post it’s, pens, markers, tape)

~ Stationary (envelopes, thank you cards, birthday cards) 

~ Gift supplies (tape, ribbons, name tags, stickers)

~ Your kids Lego (so. many. pieces.)


Share your ideas with us, we'd love to hear from you!

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