Top 3 Storage Tips For Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Keep everything labelled. 

The great thing about the legalization of edibles is that we now have access to precisely dosed products with full ingredient transparency. Make sure to keep your products labelled so you have all the important information such as dosage and expiry dates.

Keep your edibles cool. 

Edibles are often made with perishable ingredients, and therefore should be kept in your airtight container, in a dark and cool place. Cannabis-infused oils and butters should always be stored in the fridge. Shameless plug: your Ally lockable box is ideal for the fridge with its airtight lid and non-slip base ;)

Remove them from plastic wrapping. 

The plastic wrapping will accelerate the shelf-life of your edibles, and also affects its flavour. We recommend removing them from any plastic, and wrapping them in parchment paper. 

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